Oink-Oink Pig Costume
Oink-Oink Pig Costume
Oink-Oink Pig Costume

Oink-Oink Pig Costume

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The Oink-Oink Pig Costume is an adorable and comfortable costume to keep your pet warm and cozy while 'trick-or-treating' on Halloween! Made with super soft coral fleece, your loved one will love this costume for more than just the holiday! Wear anytime to keep your pet snug, warm and absolutely adorable. Available in sizes from XS - XL. Please measure your pet carefully and refer back to the size chart below to ensure you're selecting the right size for your pet!

This item is for smaller dogs, which means the size Large doesn't necessarily mean it fits Large breeds. Please measure your dog properly before purchasing.

XS 30 cm
35 cm
M 40 cm
45 cm
XL 50 cm

XS 16 cm
S 20 cm
25 cm
L 30 cm
XL 35 cm