Basic B Tee
Basic B Tee
Basic B Tee
Basic B Tee
Basic B Tee
Basic B Tee

Basic B Tee

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The Basic B Tee is casual and comfort at its finest. Every girl has one in her closet, so why not your pets? Pair this tee with a tutu, accessories or simply nothing at all. This Basic B Tee is versatile and perfect for any day use. Your pet can wear this while roaming around the house, playing at the dog park, strutting their stuff on the daily walk and so many more places and activities. This tee is perfect for all occasions and is available in many color options, so be sure to grab one in each color!

This item is for smaller dogs, which means the size Large doesn't necessarily mean it fits Large breeds. Please measure your dog properly before purchasing.

Back Length
XS 20 cm
S 25 cm
M 30 cm 
L 35 cm
XL 40 cm
XXL 45 cm
XXXL 50 cm

Neck Girth
XS 18 cm 
S 20 cm
M 24 cm
L 28 cm
XL 32 cm
XXL 36 cm 
XXXL 42 cm

Chest Girth
XS 26 cm
S 32 cm
M 37 cm
L 42 cm
XL 48 cm
XXL 54 cm
XXXL 63 cm